D365 Commerce and AX 2012

POS error: The payment connector is not correctly configured


When you click ‘Pay card‘ button to execute card payment, POS shows the error The payment connector is not correctly configured.


If you have custom card payment integration (developed by Partner or provided by the 3rd Party), this integration often works only when Hardware station and POS are paired (by design).

If POS is not paired with Hardware station, card payments will be impossible and you receive the error.

Solution is to pair POS with Hardware station, mark it as active and to repeat a card payment after that.

Error details

The same error translated to other languages:

  1. Der Zahlungs-Connector ist nicht richtig konfiguriert. Wenden Sie sich an den Systemadministrator.
  2. Le connecteur de paiement n’est pas configuré correctement. Contactez votre administrateur système.
  3. Il connettere pagamenti non è configurato correttamente. Contattare l’amministratore di sistema.