Dynamics 365 Commerce with care
Successful implementations through experience, knowledge, team spirit, soft and meta skills
Dynamics 365 Commerce Implementations
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We help small and large companies to successfully implement Dynamics 365 Commerce.
We have experience in eCommerce, fashion, FMCG, furniture and other commerce spheres. Care about legal requirements and localizations. Hating fiscal laws and legacy systems, but tenderly taking care about them.
We invest in our clients and Dynamics community through trainings, sharing costs and volunteering.
We work all over the world
How we work
We are Microsoft partner with team members all over the world. Our Dynamics 365 Commerce clients are from European Union, USA and Middle East.
Microsoft partner
And often work with other Microsoft Partners. We teach Partner companies and independent consultants – this is our investment into "Dynamics 365 Commerce for every Business" company goal.
We believe in cooperation
We see the beauty in Business and enjoy improving,
re-designing and creating new business processes. Commerce business is tough, and we are always ready to support it.
With love and trust in Commerce
Our clients are brilliant, we learn from them every day, they are our inspiration. Love helping future-focused companies with green culture.
Our clients are brilliant
Our technology stack
Out team is skilled in various technologies and focused on Microsoft products.
We also use our network of external specialists to bring each Dynamics 365 Commerce implementation to success.
For 5+ years we provide Dynamics 365 Commerce trainings for Microsoft Partners and end Dynamics 365 Commerce users. We train developers, functional and technical consultants, business users.
Dynamics 365 Commerce functional consultant training (to prepare for MB-340 exam)
Dynamics 365 Commerce scale unit development training
Dynamics 365 Commerce architecture and development training
Dynamics 365 Commerce overview training
Commerce fundamentals training
Training platform includes:
This is our small Dynamics 365 Commerce academy with community and online training platform. We created #D365Culture to train our team and later decided to spread the knowledge all over the world.
In 2020 #D365Culture has been born
This year #D365Culture will get new courses:
Dynamics 365 Commerce e-commerce development training
Dynamics 365 Commerce fiscal integrations training
Dynamics 365 Commerce POS peripherals development training (hardware station)
Dynamics 365 Commerce payment connectors training
Our principles
Be a Mentor when you have been asked to be. Do not hide any knowledge.
Nothing is impossible. There is always a solution, and we will find it.
Always be honest with clients.
Automate everything that can be automated.
Always think how to make things better when they are good enough.
Suggest alternative solutions and implement complex requirements in days instead of weeks and months.
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